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  • Hybrid cloud gives both privacy and performance: SugarCRM

    For the first time, enterprises have drawn their attention to deploying technology strategies in the front office, and one aspect that they are focusing on is customer relationship management (CRM), according Clint Oram, co-founder and CTO of SugarCRM.

  • VetAdvisor Enlists SugarCRM to Help Ease the Transition from Military Service to Civilian Life

    SugarCRM, now celebrating its tenth year as a provider of affordable CRMS solutions, is focused on helping its clients find innovative ways to use its software platform to better serve their entire customer base. While SugarCRM has been instrumental in enhancing the success of all types of organizations, perhaps its proudest accomplishment is the strong support it provides to America’s military veterans through its service to VetAdvisor, a national expert in veteran-centric holistic care.  

  • CRM Adapted To Veteran Relationship Management

    How CRM Serves Those That Have Served

    On this veteran's day I'm pleased to share how one organization's innovative use of CRM is improving the lives of military veterans.

    Two recent wars, including America's longest war, have culminated to create a large and growing population of veterans in need of social services.

  • VetAdvisor Selects SugarCRM To Support Military Veterans’ Transition to Civilian Life

    Sugar Helps VetAdvisor Offer Gold Standard of Care for Veterans; Integrates with Innovative Technologies Including FitBit, Twilio For Supportive and Personalized Experience for Vets

  • Larry Augustin: Open source pioneer. SugarCRM CEO. Gym rat.

    Larry Augustin spoke with TechRepublic about his work at SugarCRM, why he bets on big markets, and how he helped coin the term "open source."