Furniture store turns to Allegro to rescue a Progress conversion project
An in-store COBOL system was partially converted to Progress by small vendor before store turned to Allegro to rescue the project and complete the work.

"This [Michael Lonski's "Pick An Index, Any Index"] session is a perennial favorite for good reasons, Mike does a really good job of explaining how index selection works (or doesn't work), provides lots of illuminating examples and even provides a query testing tool (available on the Allegro website)."

Tom B, Greenfield Technologies

Hagen OA Training - Turn to Allegro's Experienced Hagen Mentors

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Improve Efficiency - Get Trained in EFI Hagen

We all know even the most modern printing press still needs a specialized operator to keep it running smoothly. The same is true for your HagenOA system. You have application support from EFI Hagen, Progress, and operating system support from Allegro, but you can solve many of the most common problems and create reports yourself with a little training in Progress 4GL and database administration.

Allegro has been showing users how to get more from their Progress applications for more than 15 years. Our lead trainer, Michael Lonski, has literally written the book on training and "how to" for many companies and Progress vendors.

Get Hagen OA Training from Allegro's experts.

Training for Hagen Progress programming and database administration

Instructor-led classes at your site
You often can't live without the critical employees who keep your EFI HagenOA system running, even just a few days for an instructor led class. Allegro brings the classroom to your site so you get the best of instructor led training in programming and database administration. Also, this will let your staff stay close at hand to handle any issues that might arise day-to-day and keep costs low.

Custom training and mentoring for EFI Hagen

Custom one-on-one training and mentoring
You can benefit from one of our set programming classes or you can get just the right skills for your situation from our one-on-one training and mentoring. Allegro offers training and mentoring in Progress 4GL programming and database administration so you can keep your Hagen system running on your own.

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