Printing firm turns to Allegro for smooth Progress upgrade
Printing firm turns to Allegro for smooth Progress upgrade
Improved truckloading through state-of-the art planning system
Allegro built add-on systems that helped client gain control of product shipment. 

"Allegro Consultants were wonderful to work with! They took the time to listen to my ideas and then implemented the requests onto my website without a lot of work from me. They were very responsive to changes and adjustments as necessary for my site. I was impressed that they over delivered by building in functions on my website to allow my company to grow."

Kendall M., Blue Top Hat

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Nagios, an open-source server monitoring platform, helps systems administrators proactively maintain high availability and reliabilty. It is free and its source code is available.

If you're a Progress database or system administrator, you can use ProDashboard, Allegro's custom Nagios plug-ins, to ensure your customers' databases and systems stay up and running. ProDashboard "watches" your Progress database, and alerts you when critical or serious errors are about to happen. While it cannot predict or monitor every condition, ProDashboard monitors for the most important or most likely to fail conditions.

Don't use the Progress database? No worries. You can still easily use Nagios, the industry standard in enterprise-grade IT infrastructure monitoring, to watch over your MySQL or PostgreSQL databases, Microsoft Exchange Server, Lotus Notes server, and more. Allegro can install and modify the Nagios monitoring platform as necessary to suit your particular environment.

Contact Allegro for more information about Nagios or for reliable Nagios support. For years, we have delivered full Nagios support from the installation through training. If you do use Progress, be sure to ask us about ProDashboard, our monitoring tool.

Check out the latest news about Nagios below!

  • Updated Core Virtual Machines Released

    Updated Nagios Core Virtual Machines have been released and are now available. Customers who have purchased a Core VM within the past year may download an upgraded version by following the instructions at

  • Nagios Plugins 2.0.3 Released

    The Nagios Plugins Development Team is proud to announce that nagios-plugins 2.0.3 has been released and is available for download.

    This release primarily contains small bug fixes and additional protections against the previously addressed SUID vulnerability. In addition, previous mailq autodetection commits have been reverted to avoid awk parsing issues.

    A full list of everything included in this release is available at

    Thanks to all who have contributed toward this release. If you need assistance installing or using the plugins, please visit our

  • Nagios SNMP Trap Interface (NSTI) 3.0 Released

    After months of development, Nagios SNMP Trap Interface (NSTI) version 3.0 is officially released and available for download. NSTI 3.0 provides users with an updated UI theme that is modern, and easy to navigate and interpret. The latest version of NSTI also contains a number of major functionality enhancements including the ability to filter, search, and organize SNMP traps based on a multitude of SNMP trap variables and metrics.

  • Nagios Core 4.0.7 Released

    Nagios Core 4.0.7 has been released and can be downloaded from the downloads page. Key features and fixes included in this release include:

    • Fixed processing of multiline checkresult output to resolve issues with 3rd party addons.
    • Increased functionality of JSON CGI.
    • Numerous updates to web interface.
    • Minor bug fixes.

    For more information regarding everything contained in this release, you may view the changelog. ...
  • Nagios Plugins 2.0.2 Released

    The Nagios Plugins Development Team is proud to announce that nagios-plugins 2.0.2 has been released and is available for download.

    This release comes as a result of a newly discovered security vulnerability that affected check_icmp, and check_dhcp specifically. Fixes were applied globally to all plugins to ensure a safe and secure distribution.

    Additional operating system compatibility enhancements were made to check_disk, check_ping, and check_users to allow the plugins to successfully be built on Windows.

    A full list of included enhancements is available at

    Thanks to...