SugarCRM project successfully rescued by Allegro
Allegro steps in after original vendor of a highly modified SugarCRM system is unable to address client's needs.

"I think the beauty is that they [Allegro] helped us create a [osCommerce] site that’s completely changeable and manageable within our own staff. We don’t have to outsource every little change we want to do to the site. I have friends who have to do it and it’s a nightmare for them. Ninety-nine percent of the time I can make changes myself."

Sarah Paxton, Owner of LaDifference

Open-Source, PHP Applications Support by Allegro

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Full Support for Customizable, Open-Source Applications


Use SugarCRM to monitor sales and marketing

Monitor Sales and Marketing with SugarCRM (Customer Relationship Management Tool)
Don’t let marketing dollars go down the drain. Measure your ROI and improve business operations with a customer relationship management tool called SugarCRM. Let Allegro show you how SugarCRM can enhance your business and improve your bottom line. We provide full SugarCRM support from installation to training.

Manage your business with xTuple, open-source ERP solution

Operate Smoothly with xTuple, a Customizable ERP Application
Whether you need xTuple, a very flexible, open-source ERP solution, installed or customized, you can rely on Allegro's open-source ERP experts for full support. We can also integrate xTuple with other applications, and show your staff how to fully take advantage of the application.

Use osCommerce, web store application, to sell online

Sell Online Easily with osCommerce Web Storefront
Start selling products or services via the web to dramatically boost your customer base with an ecommerce or web storefront application. Allegro can help you grow your business with a very customizable, easy-to-use, web store application called osCommerce.

Use Joomla content management system for easy web updates

Easily Update Website with Joomla Web Content Management System
Keep your website content and design always fresh by using a reliable, web content application called Joomla. You don't have to be a web developer to use this very easy-to-use, easy-to-navigate website content management system. Allegro can help you use, integrate, and customize a Joomla website.

Get Nagios support from Allegro

Monitor Your Servers and Databases using Nagios
Prevent disasters before they even occur by using Nagios, industry standard in enterprise-grade IT infrastructure monitoring. Monitor your Progress, open-source, or other type of server or database using Nagios, an open-source monitoring package. Allegro can install and customize Nagios so it fits your own monitoring needs.

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