Furniture store turns to osCommerce
Furniture store client turned to Allegro for some unique, osCommerce customizations and enhancements. 

"I enjoyed this class. Speaker was very knowledgeable. Very practical and everyday applicable."

Tom Bascom, White Star Software, LLC

on Mike Lonski's "Pick An Index, Any Index"

PUG Chellenge Americas 2011 Session

Custom Drupal Templates, & More - Custom Drupal Web Site

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Are Customers Lost on Your Website?

Customize Drupal to Improve Communications & Sales

As you probably realize, your web site is an integral part of your overall communications plan. If your prospects or clients can't find what they need on your site, they will leave, causing you to lose potential sales. Meeting your website visitors' needs can be a struggle using an "out-of-the-box" Drupal CMS. However, Allegro's Drupal programming experts can customize your Drupal site to meet your visitors' needs.

Interact with your clients and prospects more frequently, ultimately leading to increased sales and improved relationships with a customized Drupal website. Stay in touch with clients via customizable newsletters, social networking, blogs, event updates, and sell products on your flexible Drupal content management system. You can also take advantage of website calendars, forums, and countless other features with thousands of readily available Drupal modules and add-ons. Rely on Allegro's technical experts for the behind-the-scenes work for a customized and accommodating CMS website.

Get Drupal customization from Allegro's experienced team.

Modify or customize your Drupal application

Engage Visitors to Learn More about You
Meet your clients' and prospects' needs effectively on your Drupal site. Whether adding a forum, blog, or calendar, Allegro's team can help you engage visitors on your customized Drupal site. Be sure your visitors can quickly find what they need without struggling on your site.

Get Drupal sites personalized by Allegro

Let Users Personalize Your Site
Improve your users' experiences by allowing them to subscribe to your site and create their own profiles. Allegro can help you create all of this "technical stuff" so users log-in for personalized versions of your site that best meet their needs. Also, our team can help you by letting users select their own preferences and communicate with others conveniently via your site. Overall, this will help you gather visitors' information so you can improve marketing to prospects and customers.

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