Services company integrates information forms
A technology services company integrates website contact forms with its CRM.

As a sometime ADM2 and GUI instructor (Progress Canada) and client coding demagogue, [...]your book [Coding Smart] has given me further substance and makes me stand out even in the eyes of my peers. Michael Lonski's new book should cost 10 times more than it does! I am very impressed. I love the format and context. Very well done!"

Jim A.

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Need an Inexpensive, Easy-to-Update Website?

When you need to quickly publish information on your website, you can use Joomla, a very customizable, easy-to-use, open-source, web content management system. By being able to update your content yourself, you won't need an expensive, full-time web developer. Keep your clients and prospects always informed about your latest services or products via a Joomla website.

So how do you start using Joomla? Allegro can install your Joomla website, customize it to fit your business, and even integrate it with other business applications. If you ever run into problems or need help using your site, you can turn to our responsive team for Joomla troubleshooting and training as well.

Get full, responsive Joomla support from Allegro.

Allegro stands up Joomla websites quickly

When you know a content management system is the next step to keeping everyone up to date, Joomla is an obvious choice. Allegro can install Joomla and any plug-ins you need, and show your staff how to add information to get you self-sufficient quickly.

Allegro customizes Jooma websites

Let Allegro customize your Joomla website to fit your needs by installing one of the free plug-ins for Joomla. If you need a certain feature or function on your site, rely on Allegro's professional Joomla/PHP programmers to build exactly what you need.

Connecting Joomla to other software

Our Joomla programmers and system architects are well-versed and experienced at connecting Joomla to other applications managing your sales and marketing (customer relationship management), web storefront, or business operations (ERP). Connecting Joomla with other systems can reduce labor costs and increase efficiency.

Joomla troubleshooting expertise from Allegro

If you have a faulty or less-than-professionally-installed instance of Joomla, you probably need expert Joomla support to get it fully functional and delivering on its great promise. No worries; our Joomla developers can get you back to running smoothly in very little time.

Get Joomla programmers for a temp or full-time position

Joomla programmers
Whether you need an extra Joomla programmer for a few weeks, months, or years, Allegro's Joomla team can smoothly deliver Joomla projects. Learn more about our large. experienced Joomla development team now!

Allegro delivers excellent Joomla training

Let Allegro's qualified Joomla CMS trainers work with your team. Our Joomla instructors can quickly show you the ropes and get you productive in short order without the painful experience of trial and error.
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