Allegro recovers failed SugarCRM implementation
Newspaper consulting company needs highly customized SugarCRM.

"First and foremost, thanks for an outstanding job on this artful coding, professionally done. [...] Sam and I have been singing the praises of Allegro Consultants at our meetings. And we have other projects this year (nothing as complex as this, however) we'll likely be turning to you for help."

Charles B, MicroContent


Joomla Integration - Connect Joomla with Business Applications

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Integrating Joomla Means Increased Efficiency

You can improve your workflows and operations just by integrating your Joomla website with critical business applications. Be more efficient and productive by connecting your website with your sales and marketing (customer relationship management tool), web storefront, or ERP application. Allegro can also connect your Joomla website with your core business applications, even Progress-based packages, so your business stays efficient.

Allegro's team can help you experience the full benefits of an integrated Joomla website. Due to having technical and business expertise, our team can deliver you quick, reliable answers. We can work with you to tie your website into your main business processes. Contact Allegro's Joomla team to start benefiting from an integrated Joomla website.

Integrate your Joomla CMS with Allegro's support.

Connect Joomla with eCommerce or CRM tool

Connect Joomla with Web Storefront, Sales and Marketing Efforts

Need your website tied into another application such as your web storefront or customer relationship management tool? Allegro's Joomla integration experts can integrate your applications, allowing you to be more efficient, as well as save time and resources.

Connect Joomla to core business applications

Integrate Joomla Website with Core Business Systems including ERP

You can streamline your operations and eliminate redundant data by connecting your core business applications including Progress-based packages or open-source ERP applications. By integrating these important applications, Allegro can help you better manage business processes.

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