Payroll company reduces labor cost and increases margins
Payroll service reduces labor cost, increase margin and answers the phone faster with instant, transparent access to client history.

"Mike Lonski's book, Coding Smart, is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise stuffy and boring collection of manuals. It is a must have for everyone new to ADM2, and a 'You ought to have it' for those who are not. It adds the element of why you do it this way, rather than just, 'This is how you do it.' As I start work on version 2 of our software, this book will have a major influence on the new design and has been money well spent."

Dennis V., Systems Manager, Bay Country Lawns

Learn Joomla - Professional, Customized Joomla Training by Allegro

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Learn How to Use Joomla from Allegro's Joomla Experts

Learning Joomla doesn't have to be daunting.  The more powerful and configurable the application, the more there is to learn to do it right. Fortunately, you do not need to suffer through the learning curve alone. Allegro's experienced Joomla trainers can show you the ropes and get you productive using Joomla without the painful trial and error. Allegro brings years of real-world Joomla implementation experience to deliver excellent Joomla training.

Customize your Joomla training with Allegro.

Allegro delivers the best in Joomla instruction

In person or remote delivery
For ground up Joomla training, some times multi-day long training sessions away from the office are needed. However, how often can you afford to lose that much time? Let Allegro's Joomla programmers deliver you onsite, in-depth Joomla instruction using your own systems. We can also deliver short, focused 1-4 hour Joomla training sessions delivered remotely for effective use of your precious time and money.

Customized Joomla classes from Allegro

Custom one-on-one training and mentoring
"Generic" training works best on "generic" companies. Let Allegro work with you to tailor individual Joomla training and mentoring sessions. Employees learn better when they are using their own systems and data, and immediately applying their training to real-world situations from their own work.

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