SugarCRM project successfully rescued by Allegro
Allegro steps in after original vendor of a highly modified SugarCRM system is unable to address client's needs.

"Allegro Consultants has helped me to straighten out and stabilize my website. I came to Allegro in a much-compromised situation and they rose to the occasion."

Liz B., Virginia Sport Horses

xTuple Training from Allegro

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Get Up to Speed with xTuple Training

Although learning xTuple might appear daunting at first, it doesn't have to be. You can jump the learning curve by engaging in xTuple training with Allegro. Our experienced, open-source ERP trainers can show you how to take full advantage of your xTuple software.

If you're using a customized or integrated xTuple ERP, you can learn the ropes of your unique modules or screens from our team as well. Afterward, you can be more productive without enduring a long, painful trial and error phase.

Get Customized xTuple Training by Allegro's ERP Experts

xTuple training classes with open-source ERP experts

xTuple Training in person or remotely
Allegro can teach your staff how to best use xTuple onsite or remotely. We can also deliver short, focused 1-4 hour training sessions delivered remotely for effective use of your precious time and money.

Get customized xTuple training

Customized, one-on-one xTuple training and mentoring
Learn how to fully use xTuple to meet your organization's needs. Allegro delivers customized xTuple training so you can learn how to take advantage of xTuple using your own systems and data. Afterward, you can apply your skills to real-world situations at your organization.

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