Furniture store turns to osCommerce
Furniture store client turned to Allegro for some unique, osCommerce customizations and enhancements. 

"Allegro continues to meet and exceed our expectations! The team members have all been exceptional!"

Suha Beidas-Zehl, Guidance Residential

Turn to Allegro's Reliable, Open-Source Programmers & DBAs

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Get Reliable Open-Source Programming and Database Support

Are you frustrated working with so-called "PHP/MySQL expert programmers" who just aren't up to par? Having a hard time finding experienced open-source resources? Allegro's PHP and MySQL programmers and database administrators are very experienced in open-source applications such as Joomla, SugarCRM, osCommerce, and xTuple. In addition, we have installed, customized and trained many organizations in using their in-house or homegrown PHP applications as well. With insight into our open-source programmers' and database administrators' strengths, we can turn to those same excellent, open-source programmers or DBAs for the best, most suitable projects.

  • Broad Range of Vertical Expertise – From government to real estate, Allegro’s open-source developers have installed, customized, and integrated open-source applications for many diverse organizations.
  • Full I.T. Support since 1993 - Since 1993, our partners have ensured that only the best, most knowledgeable technical and business experts come aboard with Allegro. have addressed/resolved issues and delivered full support 24/7. Having also delivered Progress support, we can connect your open-source applications with Progress software.

Wide Range of Open-Source Expertise

Our open-source development team can help you with many different types of projects:

Get Experienced, Certified Programmers and Database Administrators

  • Most of our  programmers, database administrators, and network administrators have more than 10 years of experience. The majority of our open-source support staff are also certified in one or several technologies such as PHP, MySQL, Zend, etc.

Partner with Motivated, Open-Source Resources Who Stay on the Cutting-Edge

  • Unlike some firms that just spit out anyone for any project, we select the best suited programmer or database administrators to achieve your goals. Since we constantly stay in touch with our resources, we truly understand their strengths and weaknesses. You won’t be disappointed thinking "Why did they pick this person?" but instead will realize our open-source support staff are definitely worth having by your side.
  • Work with a Motivated Open-Source Team – Because our open-source team is constantly adapting to new client needs and the ever-changing role of technology in business, they are constantly learning cutting-edge technologies and becoming certified in them. (achieving certification in them) In other words, if you want just some bodies to fill chairs, you won't find them here. We constantly strive to challenge ourselves.
  • Save Time & Effort - Partner with Our Large Team - If you’re seeking an open-source programmer, database administrator, and a network administrator, we can deliver you three excellent, qualified experts in their respective areas. This will save you time and effort seeking other vendors for those roles.

Allegro's open-source experts for projects

Why Hire? Partner with Allegro's Open-source Programmers and DBAs without Risk, Extra Expenses

Partner with Allegro on a project basis to save yourself costs of hiring. You won't take a gamble relying on our experienced, open-source experts. Think about how much time, effort, and dollars you spend searching and interviewing potential candidates for a position. With access to only the best open-source programmers and database administrators in the industry, you can quickly achieve your business goals.

Open-source programmers from Allegro

Save Time with Allegro's One-Stop, Open-Source Programming and DBA Team

Since we deliver full open-source support from implementation through training, you won’t need to start looking elsewhere frustrated unable to use an application we implemented. Our experienced, open-source support team delivers implementation, customization, integration, and training.

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