DVD distributor reduces inventory and increases sales
DVD distributor discovers new sales within their own stores by using an automated replenishment and restocking routine.

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QAD is a provider of enterprise applications for global manufacturing companies specializing in automotive, consumer products, electronics, food and beverage, industrial and life science products. QAD is the creator of QAD Enterprise (formerly MFG/PRO), a manufacturing package with features for distributed operations, purchasing, industry-specific vertical market functions, sales order and purchase order management, etc.

Allegro delivers full MFG/PRO support from installation through training. Since 1993, Allegro’s MFG/PRO programmers and database administrators have been modifying QAD solutions to fit our clients' unique business models.

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  • Kontron Announces AdvancedMC(TM) Processor Module AM4120 with Freescale(TM) QorIQ P2020 Processor
    Suited for variety of MicroTCA(TM) and AdvancedTCA(TM) applications, Model AM4120 is equipped with 1.2 GHz Freescale(TM) QorIQ P2020 dual core processor based on Power Architecture® e500. Unit features redundant universal bootloader U-Boot and persistent memory for cycle data storage. Dedicated Module Management Controller, which supports basic IPMI commands, is used for board management, enabling operators to monitor status of AdvancedMC(TM) module in system.
  • Microsoft Launches Office 365 Globally
  • New Line Of Panel Mount Flow Computers
  • New DSL Embedded Controllers
    Powered by fanless 800 MHz Vortex86DX processor with 256 MB DDR2 RAM, 90 x 96 mm ICOP-6357 controller offers three 10/100 Mbps LAN interfaces, 4 serial ports, and 2 USB ports for connectivity. LCD interface supports resolutions to 1,280 x 1,024, and overall power consumption is rated at 800 mA. Backwards compatible for existing x86-based PC104 controllers, product operates from -20 to +70°C as standard or optionally from -40 to +85°C.
  • New PCI Express Carrier Card Interfaces up to Four IndustryPack Modules for Custom I/O Configurations
    By routing power and bus signals to 4 IndustryPack mezzanine modules, Model APCe8650 creates custom I/O processing boards with PCI Express interface for use in PC-based control systems. Card supports any combination of standard, single-width ANSI/VITA-4 IP modules to offer flexibility in performing variety of I/O signal processing tasks. Residing in memory space, Model APCe8650 features plug-and-play carrier configuration and supports IP module I/O, ID, INT, and MEM spaces.