Cost estimating module greatly improves profit margin
Corrugated manufacturer replaces ERP cost estimating module with one custom tailored to their vertical market.

"Allegro was able to translate our ideas into reality. The interaction between our staff and Allegro's programmers was seamless and a pleasure."

Chaim R., Showbuyer

Want Smooth NxTrend Migrations and Upgrades? Turn to Allegro

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Upgrade NxTrend to Satisfy Users and Stay Running Smoothly

Upgrading to the latest version of Progress as well as moving from Unix to newer and newer versions of Windows or Linux is typical for distributors relying on NxTrend for managing orders and shipping. Your users wants new features, requiring you to move off older, aging equipment, but you don't have to risk any downtime or unexpected problems just to upgrade.

Allegro can help you select the best hardware for you, plan for smooth upgrades, and execute the trickiest parts of upgrades and migrations so your production can continue without unexpected problems or costly downtime.

Rely on Allegro's migration and upgrade services for Infor NxTrend.

Make your NxTrend upgrade smooth

Make your Infor NxTrend upgrade smooth
It's hard to predict every little hiccup you may run into during an upgrade or migration. Allegro has been helping customers upgrade for more than 15 years. We can cover all the bases and keep your operations running smoothly no matter what.

Migrate to right hardware for NxTrend

Select and migrate to the right hardware for NxTrend
Buying the right servers to run NxTrend (.SX Enterprise) for the next five years can be a tough call. We know how to pick the right combination of CPUs, memory, and disk so the new server can handle the current users, the next few Progress upgrades, and even more... without costing too much.

Switch to Linux, save for years

Switch to Linux and save money for years
A switch to the Linux operating system running on x86 (Intel-based servers) can save up to 75 percent more than proprietary servers. When you have to buy a new server, be sure to ask Allegro's experts for their recommendations about the best server and direction for your company. Let Allegro help you save a lot of money, so your IT spending is on the right path for the next 10 years.

Upgrade to new OS versions safely

Upgrade to newer operating system versions safely
Your users always want the new features and bug fixes in the next version of Progress, but upgrading always has dramatic impact on your network and staff.  Make your upgrade as seamless as possible by relying on Allegro, who can provide you with inside tips.

NxTrend hosted at Allegro's data center

Host your Infor's NxTrend system in our data center
If you are tired of all the headaches and costs of keeping the Hagen server in your facility, Allegro can co-locate your server in our excellent data center to help you.  Keep the same level of service and speed, without the troubles of trying to maintain servers without a real computer room.

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