Overhauling problem areas for extreme peformance improvements
A rebuilt sales summary report went from taking over 15 hours to under 15 minutes.
"Allegro Consultants did a great job of understanding what I needed, even when I didn’t. They helped me get into a state where I could make better decisions about where my software needed to go. I have had other experiences when I knew I was being pushed to make a big ticket purchase when I was unsure of the impact of the software on my business. Allegro took pains to keep me out of that uncomfortable and unproductive state of decision-making. I feel safe with them."
Katrina VH, Turnkey


Improve How You Use NxTrend with Training 

NxTrend and Progress trainers teach you Progress programming and DB administration onsite

Custom one-on-one training and mentoring for NxTrend in Progress programming and database administration Training in Progress 4GL and NxTrend by Allegro Contact Allegro today! Contact Allegro via phone or email about NxTrend training

Become More Efficient, Self-Reliant from NxTrend Instruction 

We all know almost all businesses need a specialized operator to keep it running smoothly. The same is true for your Infor NxTrend system. You have Progress, operating system, and server support from Allegro. However, you can learn how to solve many of your common problems and make your own reports just with some Progress 4GL and database administration training.  

Allegro has been training users how to get more from their Progress application for more than 15 years. Our lead trainer and president, Michael Lonski, has literally written the book on training and "how-to" for many Progress companies.  

Our training and mentoring services for Infor's NxTrend include:

Instructor led training for NxTrend Progress programming and database administration at your site

Instructor-led classes at your site
You often can't live without the critical employees who keep your NxTrend (.SX enterprise) system running, even just a few days for an instructor led class. Allegro brings the classroom to your site so you get the best of instructor led training in programming and database administration. Thus, your staff can stay close to handle any daily issues that might arise and your costs are kept low.  

Custom training and mentoring for NxTrend in Progress programming and database administration

Custom one-on-one training and mentoring
You can benefit from one of our set programming classes or you can get just the right skills for your situation from our one-on-one training and mentoring. Allegro offers training and mentoring in Progress 4GL programming and database administration so you can keep your NxTrend system running on your own.

Contact Allegro today! Contact Allegro by phone or email for NxTrend training