Migration lower costs, boosts security
Allegro moved client to Progress version 10 and RedHat Linux for lower support costs and productivity boost.


"Just wanted to reach out and say "wow!" Initial feedback from the users is that [our system] is much quicker. I have received a lot of great feedback in this short of a time frame. Just wanted to let you know your [Kevin's] efforts have been noticed."

Mike W.

SX Enterprise Web Development & Accounting Modules

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Rely on .SX Enterprise Web Modules for Extra Functionality

SX Enterprise right out of the box does a great job of providing the basics, but as you integrate the application and your business processes, you find you need more tailored screens. Some find they need data from several screens combined into one, more efficient screen or report. Others find they need completely new screens and often more data than Infor's regular SX Enterprise provides.

Allegro's programmers can tailor your screens, add new screens, and deliver combined screens and reports via the web browser interface that everyone knows and loves.  Our team can also connect SX Enterprise with a web store or a website content management application or a customer relationship management tool to eliminate redundant data.

Get web and add-on development services for SX Enterprise from Allegro's support team.

Add new functions and web screens to SX Enterprise

Add new functions and web screens to Infor's sx.enterprise
You can have more fields added, multiple screens combined into one or even whole new screens created and inserted into .SX Enterprise or added as separate web pages. These screens can access, modify and interact with regular SX Enterprise data or even brand new data you need to run your operations.

Add web-based reports to SX Enterprise

Add web-based reports to Infor sx Enterprise
Frustrated with the limits on getting reports to everyone who needs them? We can add reports from SX Enterprise that your users can reach via simple web browsers.

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