Migration lower costs, boosts security
Allegro moved client to Progress version 10 and RedHat Linux for lower support costs and productivity boost.


"Allegro is exceptionally professional in both their work and the way they handle our account. They are responsive to our ever-changing needs and priorities and demonstrate a commanding grasp of both our systems and an expansive knowledge of our business practices and procedures. In short, they are an invaluable part of the extended EURPAC family."


Upgrades and Migrations for SX Enterprise by Allegro

Upgrade SX Enterprise smoothly with Allegro's help SX Enterprise server upgrade Migrate from older SX Enterprise on Unix to Linux or Windows Server easily Contact Allegro today! Contact Allegro for .SX Enterprise migration

Upgrade sx enterprise to Improve Your Business Processes

Upgrading to new version of Progress and moving from Unix to newer and newer versions of Windows or Linux is typical for distributors who rely on SX Enterprise to manage orders and shipping. Users want the new features and you have to move off older, aging equipment, but you don't have to risk any downtime or unexpected problems just to upgrade.

Allegro can help you select your hardware, plan for smooth upgrades, and execute the trickiest parts of upgrades and migrations so production can continue without any unexpected problems or costly downtime.

Take the pressure off yourself. Let Allegro perform Infor SX Enterprise migrations and upgrades for you.

Make SX Enterprise upgrade smooth

Upgrade your sx.Enterprise upgrade easily
It's hard to predict every little hiccup you may run into during an upgrade or migration. Allegro has been helping customers upgrade since 1993. The Progress and sx Enterprise team can cover all the bases and keep your operations running smoothly no matter what.

Migrate to the right hardware for SX Enterprise

Select and migrate to the right hardware for .SX Enterprise
Buying the right servers to run SX Enterprise for the next five years can be a tough call. We know how to pick the right combination of CPUs, memory, and disk so the new server can handle the current users, the next few Progress upgrades, and even more... without costing too much.

Switching to Linux can save you a lot

Switch to Linux and save money for years
When possible, a switch to the Linux operating system running on x86 (Intel-based servers) can save up to 75 percent more than proprietary servers. When you have to buy a new server, be sure to ask  Allegro's experts about the best server and path for your organization. We can help you save a lot of money while putting your IT spending on the right path for the next 10 years.

Move to new OS versions safely

Upgrading to newer operating system versions safely
Users always want the new features and bug fixes in the next version of Progress, but upgrading always has dramatic impact on your network and staff. Let Allegro plan and perform your upgrade, taking the pressure off your team.

Allegro can host your SX Enterprise at our data center

Host your SX Enterprise system in our data center
If you are tired of all the headaches and costs of keeping the SX.enterprise server in your facility, we can help by co-locating your server in our world class data center. You keep the same level of service and speed, but get out of the troubles of trying to maintain servers without a real computer room.

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