Financial systems integration saved time and money
Back office system integration with outside financial system saves time and money.

"My thanks to Allegro Consultants' team for an outstanding job using some artful coding. You took our proof of concept and turned it into a bulletproof web site deployed on our bleeding-edge cloud server. The custom-built user administration area allows us to view and edit our database of users easily. Good work."

- Charles Batchelor, Microcontent

Symix Integration by Allegro

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Integrate Symix Smoothly - Rely on Allegro's Experienced Symix Support

The Symix application is the main part of your operation and its data is critical.  Integrating Symix with other applications that handle your website, web storefront, or sales and marketing (CRM) can streamline your business workflows and eliminate redundant data entry.

Allegro's programmers and system engineers have been connecting Symix to other applications, integrating it with production floor equipment and communicating to EDI/XML partners since 1993. By learning about your unique needs, we can build you a carefully designed Symix system.

Improve your business workflows by integrating your Symix.

Share Symix data with other systems

Share Symix data with Sales and Marketing (CRM Tool)
Integrate Symix with your sales and marketing (customer relationship management) application to lower your operating costs and be more efficient. Allegro's experienced Symix team can connect your systems so you experience these benefits.

Move Symix data in and out of MS Excel

Move Symix data in and out of MS Excel
Many people find MS Excel is the easiest tool for manipulating data. Allegro can extract just the data you need from Symix and put it into Excel spreadsheets, which you can then easily modify as needed. For mass edits and data verification, Allegro's team can also import that data back into Symix carefully as if it were entered via the normal application.

Integrate Symix with web systems

Integrate Symix with website or web storefront
Allegro can connect Symix with your website or web storefront to have the most up-to-date data at your fingertips. You can keep your products or services information fresh all of the time by connecting your systems. Allegro's Symix and open-source team can integrate your applications in a way that fits your needs.

Access Symix database via ODBC

Access Symix database via ODBC
Many systems and tools expect your databases to be available using ODBC. Allegro can set up your Symix system to be available and still be free from security risks and overly large queries that would otherwise bring your production system to its knees. Leverage ODBC-compliant tools and Symix to make your operation faster and more productive with little cost.

Import and export from Symix to data warehouses

Import and export from Symix to data warehouses
To provide management with business intelligence, Allegro can pull data out of your Symix system on a regular schedule and deliver it to your choice of data warehouse and BI tools. No more re-keying of summary data or stale information!

Connect Symix to EDI, XML, web services and SOA

Connect Symix to EDI, XML, web services and SOA
EDI is still the standard for efficient, high volume data transfer between trading partners. Allegro's Symix integration team can install EDI software to let you participate with large partners, connect to more modern partners with XML, and even provide web services to access your Symix data and transactions. When you're ready for SOA, Allegro can connect you quickly and easily using Sonic.

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