Printing firm turns to Allegro for smooth Progress upgrade
Printing firm turns to Allegro for smooth Progress upgrade

"I have been very pleased with Allegro's services. I have had a quick and favorable response to every question or concern I've raised."

Merri Beth G., Martin's Herend Imports

Tailoring WDS II - Get Customizations of WDS II by Allegro 

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Customize WDS-II for Increased Efficiency

WDS-II does a very good job of providing distributors and warehouses with the tools and controls needed to be efficient, but one application can never be perfect for every business that uses it. Get the most from WDS II by having it fit your unique business processes with a little customization from Allegro.  

Whether you need new screens added to WDS-II, a few web pages added for users to access your data and jobs, or just reports to show additional data, Allegro can deliver what you need. Allegro's professional Progress programmers can create new functionality, new web screens, and modify or create new reports that work directly with your WDS II system.

Allegro's customization services for WDS-II include:

Customizing WDS 2 systems

Custom screens
When the standard WDS 2 screens don't have all the information in one place or when they ask you to type in more than is necessary, Allegro can change or replace those screens. Custom screens save time, add functionality and cut down on re-keying and errors.

WDS II data reports

Custom reports
Get just the right information on your WDS II reports. If the standard reports have too little or too much information, Allegro can change them or add new reports specifically for your business processes and needs.

Custom WDS 2 modules

Custom add-ons
You can track more than what standard wds ii allows by adding a new module and screens. The programmers at Allegro know how to insert new menus and screens in WDS 2 as well as how to add web-based screens so you track what makes sense for your business.

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