Overhauling problem areas for extreme peformance improvements
A rebuilt sales summary report went from taking over 15 hours to under 15 minutes.

"Mike Lonski's book, Coding Smart, is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise stuffy and boring collection of manuals. It is a must have for everyone new to ADM2, and a 'You ought to have it' for those who are not. It adds the element of why you do it this way, rather than just, 'This is how you do it.' As I start work on version 2 of our software, this book will have a major influence on the new design and has been money well spent."

Dennis V., Systems Manager, Bay Country Lawns

Streamline Your WDS-II - Get WDS II Modules and Add-ons 

Add new functions and web screens to WDS 2 Add web-based reports to WDS II Web modules and addons for WDS 2 Contact Allegro today! Contact Allegro for WDS web module support

Improve Your Operations with Customized WDS-II Modules 

WDS 2 right out of the box does a great job of providing the basics, but as you integrate the application and your business processes, you find you need more tailored screens. Some find they need data from several screens combined into one, more efficient screen or report. Others find they need completely new screens and often more data than what the standard WDS-II provides.

Allegro's programmers can tailor your screens, add new screens, and deliver combined screens and reports via the web browser interface that everyone knows and loves.

Rely on Allegro's WDS-II web and add-on development services including:

Add new functions and web screens to WDS 2

Add new functions and web screens to WDS 2
You can have more fields added, multiple screens combined into one or even whole new screens created and inserted into WDS 2 or added as separate web pages. These screens can access, modify and interact with regular WDS-2 data or even brand new data you need to run your operations.

Add web-based reports to WDSII

Add web-based reports to WDS-II
Frustrated with the limits on getting reports to everyone who needs them? We can add reports from wds ii that your users can reach via simple web browsers.

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