Furniture store turns to Allegro to rescue a Progress conversion project
An in-store COBOL system was partially converted to Progress by small vendor before store turned to Allegro to rescue the project and complete the work.

"He [Jim Rossi, Allegro's support manager] was awesome. He helped me out a ton and was very kind. The advice that he gave me worked perfectly and I know my system is running just as it should be."

Dustin O, CEO & President, Redfli Electronics

Need WDS-II Developers and DBAs? Turn to Allegro 

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Get Professional, Experienced WDS-II Programmers

Occasionally you need an extra person to get through an intense project, a critical employee's vacation, or just hold you over until a replacement can be found. For these critical times, you need someone who knows WDS II to handle any problem that might arise in the Progress database or on the Unix server.

Allegro has more than 30 staff trained in Progress applications and WDS 2, maintaining the database and keeping the operating system and web server running smoothly. Allegro can deliver the temporary staff you need or find the right person to fill in more permanently.

Rely on Allegro's WDS 2 development staff when you need extra resources. 

Expert Progress/WDS2 programmers onsite

Expert Progress OpenEdge programmers for WDS-II on site
Sometimes you just need an extra hand to get through a short period of time. You can have a expert in Progress, WDS-II and Windows by relying on Allegro's staff augmentation for a week, month, or even years. 

Remote WDS-II programmers, DBAs

Remote programmers and  database admins for your WDS2 system
Our staff of more than 30 Progress and WDS2 savvy experts can come to your aid instantly via the Internet, your VPN, or dial up modems. If you need help but don't need someone on site, we can provide staff at a lower cost from our Richmond, Va. office. No off shoring; just expert, on-shore, well trained help.

Allegro recruits qualified Progress and WDS2 staff

Find and recruit qualified Progress OpenEdge staff for wds ii
If you've tried to find WDS II or Progress staff, you know they can be difficult to locate and expensive when you do find them. Avoid the hassle of locating qualified staff by letting Allegro find and recruit for you.

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