Improved truckloading through state-of-the art planning system
New truckload planning system improves ability to plan shipping.

"Allegro's work on inventory processing reports are a plus. The improvements with the report features were excellent tools for our last inventory."

Peggy P., EURPAC

Get Reliable WDS II Support and Disaster Recovery by Allegro

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Stay Up and Running with Responsive WDS-II Help

Staying profitable means your business is taking orders and shipping all day. You can't afford to be down just because your wds-ii system isn't working. You need experts in WDS-II, Progress, and Unix to quickly solve your problems to get your warehouse back on line.

Allegro has more than 30 experts, programmers and administrators, who have decades of experience supporting, troubleshooting and correcting Progress and WDS 2 problems. When you need immediate, expert support, give Allegro a call.

Allegro's WDS-2 support eliminates unexpected downtime.

Issues with WDS-II

Answers to your questions
When you have a question about Progress or your WDS 2 system, it can be difficult to find someone who knows the right answer. Allegro has been supporting Progress systems and helping WDS2 customers with the right answers for years.

Support for WDS 2 systems

Support when you need it
When you have a technical question or an emergency, count on Allegro for reliable Progress- and WDS II-savvy technical help from Allegro. More than 30 programmers, database administrators and system administrators are ready to help you.

WDS 2 maintenance plans

Support and maintenance plans
Smooth operations require systems that have regular maintenance to avoid unexpected downtime and deliver reliable service. Allegro's support plans give you 24x7 coverage for you Progress and wds ii systems in addition to pre-paid annual maintenance procedures like dump and loads, Progress patches, performance tuning, and planning.

WDS-II-errors help from Allegro

When a program displays an error message, encounter a multi-user locking conflict, or your AppServer or WebSpeed agents stop responding, you need someone to determine the cause quickly so you can get back to production. Our Progress, Unix and network staff have the experience and tools to find the problem and correct it.

Repair crashed WDS2 databases

Diagnose, repair and restore databases
If your users are complaining about speed, database crashes, or corruption in your Progress/WDS 2 database, Allegro can help. Decades of experience with Progress allows us to accurately locate the problem and apply the correct steps to get your data and database working again.

Disaster recovery for WDS 2

Disaster recovery and business continuity
That Progress database is the core of WDS-II and your business operations. When it goes down, all work stops. If your server fails, the disk crashes or the nightly Progress backup fails, you need to know.  You also need to recover and restore all of your data as quickly and safely as possible. Allegro specializes in recovering crashed Progress databases, and are adept at executing disaster recovery plans. Additionally, Allegro's team can create a business continuity solution for your Progress system so you stay running no matter what disaster strikes.

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