Furniture store turns to osCommerce
Furniture store client turned to Allegro for some unique, osCommerce customizations and enhancements. 

"New server travels at warp speed! Yikes! We’re not used to it"

 Carol S., ICO Polymers

Database Administration for Your Progress and MySQL Systems

Allegro's database administrators quickly solve problems MySQL and Progress database administration from Allegro Allegro remotely monitors your database and server Contact Allegro today! Contact Allegro by phone or email for database administration support

Do Business Processes Take too Long? Get Up to Speed with Database Administration from Allegro

You, like many other companies, rely upon information systems for the core part of your business. Whether it is for tracking orders, monitoring your shop floor, or handling payroll (just to name a few possibilities), these systems are critical to uninterrupted business.

Having one or more people work full time to administer your information systems and critical databases may be the safest way to ensure no problems arise, but can you afford it? Turn to Allegro's experienced MySQL and Progress database administrators to help you plan system improvements, ensure quality disaster recovery, and put monitoring solutions in place to give you 24x7x365 protection at an affordable cost.

Let Allegro's database administrators help you improve your business.

Recovering from disaster takes careful administration and planning

Prevent Database Crashes by Relying on Allegro's Database Monitoring
Are you biting your fingernails in hopes your database won't crash at the worst moment? Let Allegro's database administration team take off the edge by monitoring your MySQL or Progress databases, so you don't have to worry about crashes, etc. Ask about Allegro's Nagios plug-ins that can alert you to certain conditions, which could lead to poor performance or ultimately, a database crash.

Get database support and disaster recovery services from Allegro

Boost Speed and Performance with Allegro's Database Tuning
When your business processes are taking longer than usual, it might mean you're ready for a database tuning. Get a professional tune-up from Allegro, who can deliver excellent support remotely or on-site at your convenience. Working as a team since 1993, Allegro can solve your database issues so you can begin running smoothly again.

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