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SX Enterprise Database Tuning and Maintenance by Allegro

Regular database tuning for SX Enterprise SX Enterprise database health check Performance tuning for your SX Enterprise database will make it faster Contact Allegro today! Call or email Allegro for SX Enterprise DB help

Are Your sx enterprise Application and Databases Running Smoothly?

Your warehouse, from receiving to picking to shipping, relies on your SX Enterprise application and its underlying Progress database. You need it and the server to operate smoothly so you stay working and shipping orders on time. Progress is great for low maintenance, but that often leads to no one watching for long stretches during which problems can appear.

Customers of all sizes count on  Allegro's experienced Progress database administrators to monitor and maintain their Progress databases so problems are caught and corrected before they happen. Let Allegro help you make Infor SX Enterprise system the most reliable part of your business.

Rely on Allegro's SX Enterprise database maintenance services for the following:

Performance tuning for your SX Enterprise database

Performance tuning for your SX Enterprise database
When your users are complaining and it isn't time to buy new hardware yet, you might just need some expert database tuning. We know how to get the most out of your server, CPU, memory and disks. You might go faster than buying a new server!

SX Enterprise database health check and monitoring

SX Enterprise database health check and monitoring
Every sx.Enterprise installation needs a health check once a year to avoid unexpected downtime. Our check up tells you if there are any impending issues and our monthly monitoring is a cheap, effective way to catch problems like full extents or running out of disk space before they cause a crash during production.

Unix upgrades and patching for SX Enterprise using Progress OpenEdge

Navigating the operating system, patch levels, Java versions, Progress versions and patches require a lot of attention to detail and often some inside knowledge. Don't get caught unaware! Allegro can make your next upgrade smooth and painless. You'll end up being a hero.

Progress Virtualization for SX Enterprise

Virtualization for SX Enterprise
Progress and virtualization go hand-in-hand and deliver cost savings and great flexibility. Even when SX Enterprise and Progress don't support where you want to go with virtualization and cost reduction, Allegro can help. Allegro's expert system administrators are trained and experienced with Progress and VMWare.

Dump and loads for SX Enterprise database

Dump and load to defragment your SX Enterprise database
Doing a dump and load twice a year might not be your favorite long-weekend task, but you know its the best way to keep the sx.enterprise database defragmented and clean. Single-threaded dump and loads are things of the past. Have Allegro show you how to make this much-needed housekeeping task easy and quick.

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