Integrate a magnetic ink check printer with older Unix-based distribution system.
Integrate a magnetic ink check printer with older Unix-based distribution system.

As a sometime ADM2 and GUI instructor (Progress Canada) and client coding demagogue, [...]your book [Coding Smart] has given me further substance and makes me stand out even in the eyes of my peers. Michael Lonski's new book should cost 10 times more than it does! I am very impressed. I love the format and context. Very well done!"

Jim A.

Improve Efficiency with SX Enterprise Reports Enhancements

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Get Critical Data from sx.enterprise with Allegro's Help

SX Enterprise contains all the data about your customers, their orders, your inventory, and much more. When the standard sx enterprise reports aren't enough, you need custom reports or the ability to get your data out of sx enterprise an into another tool or database.

Allegro can connect ODBC-compliant reporting tools like Crystal reports to SX Enterprise, add new reports that anyone can access, or replicate Infor's .sx enterprise data on a regular basis to data warehouses to drive trending and provide the business intelligence that management needs for decision making.

Rely on Allegro for sx.Enterprise reports to improve your bottom line.

Modify SX Enterprise report data

Modify existing SX Enterprise reports
If you need something added to an existing SX Enterprise report, something removed or anything rearranged and sorted, our Progress programmers can duplicate that report with all your changes so you have the best of both worlds!

Add custom SX Enterprise reports

Add new custom Infor sx.Enterprise reports
When you need a report that doesn't even exist yet, Allegro can build a new SX Enterprise report or create a web page that anyone can access that reports the data you specify.

Connect SX Enterprise to Crystal Reports

Connect SX Enterprise to Crystal Reports
Allegro can hook up SX Enterprise and ODBC and provide the SQL views and guidance needed for you to create your own reports using tools such as Crystal Reports.

Send SX Enterprise data to data warehouses

Send SX Enterprise data-to-data warehouses
To provide management with business intelligence, Allegro can pull data out of your sx.enterprise system on a regular schedule and deliver it to your choice of data warehouse and BI tools. No more re-keying of summary data or stale information!

Webify SX Enterprise reports with Allegro's support

Put SX Enterprise reports up on the web
For users without SX Enterprise access, Allegro can create web-based reports accessible by anyone with a password and a web browser. Combine this with custom reports for a powerful extension to the base SX Enterprise functionality and the ability to power your whole company.

Automatically run SX Enterprise reports

Automatically run sxEnterprise reports and send via email
For managers and executives who need reports delivered via email every day, week or month, Allegro can set up cron jobs to run and email those reports to your important decision makers without fail.

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