Overhauling problem areas for extreme peformance improvements
A rebuilt sales summary report went from taking over 15 hours to under 15 minutes.

"I have been very pleased with Allegro's services. I have had a quick and favorable response to every question or concern I've raised."

Merri Beth G., Martin's Herend Imports

Get Responsive Support for .SX Enterprise from Allegro

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Improve Bottom Line with sx.Enterprise Support

The SX Enterprise package is designed for distributors with order entry, purchasing, demand forecasting, picking, inventory, and accounting functions. This package works so well that many warehouse and distribution companies are still using it today across many vertical markets. Infor now calls this package "Distribution Essentials."

.SX enterprise employs a modern user interface, the ease-of-use and low cost-of-ownership of the Progress database, and the error-free-transactions of the Progress 4GL language to give distributors a powerful system that does not require a full time database administrator. When every penny saved is important, using Progress and keeping it running smoothly is a true competitive advantage in a market with narrow margins.

Allegro can add customize your sx.enterprise system, extend its functionality to the web, and keep your database running smoothly with no unexpected downtime.

Expert SX Enterprise system services from Allegro:

Allegro provides sx enterprise database recovery

Support and recovery
Allegro delivers the support you cannot find anywhere else and answers your Progress database, Unix, and network questions. The team provides Progress-savvy troubleshooting, backup and recovery, and maintenance to solve problems and keep your system running with no surprise downtime.

Allegro's SX Enterprise database maintenance

Database maintenance
The Progress database that runs your system doesn't need daily attention like MS SQL or Oracle, but it does need regular maintenance to keep it running smooth and avoid crashing when you run out of space or memory. Allegro's .SX enterprise experts take the hassle out of dump-and-load, tune .SX enterprise to go faster and perform a health check.

Upgrade SX Enterprise with Allegro's help

Migrate and upgrade
All servers eventually get to be too slow and need to be upgraded. Allegro can help you select the right server, plan for a smooth migrate, take care of all the difficult details when moving to more powerful hardware, upgrading Windows or migrating to Linux or VMWare.

Integrate .SX enterprise with other systems

We can connect your .SX Enterprise system to applications such as your web store or customer relationship management tool.  We can also install ODBC so you can reach your data from any application. Sharing data with accounting, controlling equipment with real time data from SX Enterprise and making a single, connected system can be the competitive advantage you need.

Allegro customizes SX Enterprise screens

When you need another screen to get just the right information all in one place, when you need a little more functionality added to your system or when you need additional reports that do not exist in the current system, Allegro can customize and extend Infor .SX Enterprise to meet your exact needs.

Allegro builds and modifies SX Enterprise screens

Web screens and frontends
Your daily production schedule and other critical processes may need special screens created so everything is on one page. We can add screens to SX Enterprise to give many users a web page where they can "see" what is happening.

Allegro develops custom reports for SX Enterprise

You need reports that go beyond what is available in SX Enterprise. Allegro's programmers know which table and fields are required and can put the exact information you need on custom reports within your existing SX enterprise system.

Allegro's SX Enterprise programmers and DBAs

SX. enterprise developers
Sometimes you need additional Progress-savvy staff to complete a project or provide coverage when someone is out on vacation. We can place temporary staff on your site, work remotely from our office, or even find trained, capable Progress and .SX Enterprise staff for you to hire.

Training for SX Enterprise by Allegro

Train and mentor
It is often difficult to find classes and books on technology underneath sx.Enterprise, Progress OpenEdge. Even when you do, the travel costs and time away from the office are often too much to bear. When you need training or mentoring in programming or database administration, we have the custom, on-site training and mentoring that fits your schedule and needs.
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